Ballade for Cello and Orchestra

Ballade for Cello and Orchestra


Jonathan Aasgard, Cello. Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Carl Davis, Conductor

Sleeve Notes

I based my Ballade on the brief synopsis that Fauré had used for his Poeme d’un jour: a couple meet, swear eternal love and part. As a teenager, I thought, “how cool!” The Ballade follows this tale in 5 linked sections: the 1st – searching; the 2nd – restless; the 3rd – a love scene, ending in a minor key; the 4th – stern, passionate and finally, life carries on.

The brilliant cellist Jonathan Aasgaard, principal of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, asked me to write for him after performing my score for Garbo’s sensual silent film Flesh and the Devil and the RLPO commissioned it. Thanks to you both.

Carl Davis

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